Silicon Competence Centre;
being smart together

SiCC is a unique PV project in the Netherlands. It connects the PV research community with the PV industry to form a strong development platform where parties:

  • share equipment and workforce in one integrated research line;
  • are able to work closely together with a hands-on mentality for an optimal exchange of ideas.

The SiCC research line is open to all member states in the EU. The current partners invite Dutch industry and institutes to join and make the chain stronger.

The Silicon Competence Centre is a project based initiative funded by the partners and the Dutch TKI Urban Energy programme.

What can SiCC do for you?

In the Silicon Competence Centre you can:

  • Equipment in a state-of-the artPV R&D infrastructure, with >500 m2 clean room. Benefit from SiCC’s experience to install equipment in the lab , including safety and environmental regulations and procedures.
  • Test and qualify your process technology for the PV industry, process technology meaning your equipment, your materials and your process recipes;
  • Demonstrate the stability of your process technology by making use of the R&D infrastructure and processing tools: the SiCC research line;
  • Perform customer demo’s for your process part only, or on the full SiCC-research line;
  • Be part of a consortium that promotes and sells process solutions to the PV industry.

How to join?

The SiCC consortium is currently preparing a new project proposal and is looking for extra partners to join. Are you a PV equipment manufacturer, a system developer or a PV process developer, or are you considering to enter the PV market, please contact ECN Solar Energy, Mr. Leon Laas, to discuss the possibilities.

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