Build the SiCC infrastructure

Since the start of the Silicon Competence Centre project in 2012, several solar energy investments have been made to transfer and upgrade the ECN Solar Energy research line in Petten to the Silicon Competence Centre research line. During the SiCC-1 period (2012-2015) many new processing tools were installed to enable state of the art solar cell baseline processing. In the current SiCC-2 period,  the main focus lies with building up the necessary infrastructure for module baseline execution and investing in module performance field test sites.

Make the chain stronger

Based on the Dutch PV Roadmap the need for new solar cell testing equipment and infrastructure is prioritized by the SiCC partners. According to the latest trends in the PV industry and research community key the best performing processing equipment and measurement tools are searched for. Where possible the partners interest manufacturers to join SiCC and bring in their equipment.

The Silicon Competence Center offers >500 m2 clean room space including the required expertise for on-site installation and licenses to operate. By joining forces, SiCC is able to build up a crystalline silicon PV research infrastructure , that enables world class Dutch solar energy projects as carried out in TKI (Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation) and EU programmes.

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